We’re all packed up and ready to go!

Oh my goodness, what fun packing is with 44 children who haven’t a clue what’s there’s and what isn’t!

We’ve gone on the “the rooms were empty when we arrived so it must be one of yours; put it in your case and bring spare clothes back on Monday” basis.

The weather is gorgeous again and the children are worn out – we reckon they’ll be asleep before we get to Norwich!

Breakfast was great and we’ve gone out for circus games and the follow up to Alien Survivors – a lovely way to end the week.

Our last night…

Well, it’s our last night and we have told the children how proud we have been of them this week. They have had their highs and lows but have come through it all with the help and friendship they have all shown  to each other.

A little clarification for tomorrow – we will be stopping at the bus stop nearest the crossing tomorrow.

We have had a bumper crop of nominations tonight: Each teacher nominated their own groups for their hard work and teamwork this week and the children nominated the teachers and said thank you for the week. Individual nominations went to: Holli, Emma, Charissa, Samuel, Elischama, Louis, Jack E, Maisie, Robyn, Ella, Emma, Millie, Vivian, Hani, Molly, Sadik, Dre, Tom, Ana, Rebecca, Christine, Olivia, Kiera, Emily, Tilly, Lauren, Ella T, Katie J, Maisie, Briony, Faith, Alice, Zain, Kitty, Ottilie, Katie M, Anna.

The children have just finished their hot chocolate and are getting ready for bed. We haven’t told them they’ve got to strip the beds in the morning yet! Here’s hoping for another early night!


Will there be a national shortage of 50p coins or not?

The final group have shot their arrows and Mrs Minton took up the challenge. Could she avert a national crisis or would the arrows have minds of their own?

Well – Securicor can definitely stand down! Mrs Minton was beaten by Maisie, Georgia, Elischama and Ottilie. Congratulations to all and the children are already looking forward to receiving their 50p in Ms Rowles’ assembly next week.

Tomorrow, the blog serves the purpose of  keeping you on track with our arrival time. We anticipate arrival in St Mary’s Lane between 4:30 and 5:00 but as you all know the traffic can be temperamental. I will post as we leave and check in various times en route, with our final update as we get to Stansted services. From there we anticipate a 30 minute or so journey. Please bear with us as we disembark – we will release the children as we see you.

It has been a pleasure and we have loved watching the children mature and become more independent and considerate of each other. They have had a lot of fun and laughter (with a few tears) along the way and will hopefully have got a lot out of this week.

We will shortly be putting together a memory stick of all the photos staff have taken this week which will be available after half term and will organise a reunion meeting to share with you all the activities and experiences from the week.

It’s just glorious…

The weather is just glorious and we had the best fun on the beach. The instructors were very knowledgeable about the sea creatures we found and we are learning a lot about how the animals adapt to their environment. As we arrived, the tide was on its way out so we had very fresh rockpools to explore. I can’t think of a better sight than all the children being completely fascinated by lifting rocks and moving seaweed to see which creatures made that environment their home. The sun is shining and we finished off our visit to the beach with an ice-cream – perfect!

They’ve certainly not been missing the telly or their computers this week as they have just been so absorbed with all their activities. I would say that you might struggle to get one or two of them up on Saturday morning as they are very tired.

We’re back out on activities this afternoon – the final group are doing archery, we’ve got night line, more mission maker and later on swimming and then our murder mystery.



Off to the beach…

Well, Securicor can stand down for the moment. Mrs Dehavilland did very well in the archery, (or her group did poorly) I’m not sure which, but as she had one very naughty arrow that wouldn’t do as it was told and deliberately missed the target, only 2 of her arrows counted! However, whilst she feared the worst, only Keira beat her score and Nicholas matched it. I can hear the sighs of relief from the Bank of England as we speak! The pressure is now on Mrs Minton to hone her William Tell skills!

We finished last night with a campfire which was lovely – and as it was just our school we did despatches around the campfire – rather magical. The following children (and staff) were nominated: Lauren, Nicholas, Victoria, Ella T, Tom, Gabriella, Ottilie, Georgia, Dre, Ana, Morgan, Alice, Miss Ives, Abi, Jack H, Callie, Millie, Molly and Hani.

The weather has dawned beautifully – we have a clear view out to sea and can see the off-shore wind farm for the first time – perfect for a trip to the beach. (I knew I had great organising skills…) We’ve started packing to come home – I use the term packing, loosely, as you will see when you open the bags your end! Anyway, clothes are being put in bags – I can’t guarantee your child’s clothes in your child’s bag but all clothes are coming back to Cranham and any unexpected additions can be brought into school next week for rehoming!