The journey home.

We are ready to come home – we don’t want to but we’re looking forward to seeing you all again. Our perfect scenario would be to see you all this weekend and then come back on Monday. The children have really grown and matured this week. They have had their moments – I don’t want you to think that they have had complete character transformations – but we can see the difference in them.

This week has met all our aims and objectives in terms of team building, resilience, personal growth and independence. Some have found it harder than others, but they have all pulled together and been supportive of each other.

They are one of the politest groups we’ve brought away with us. After every meal time they clear plates for us and each other; they pour water out for each other; they wipe down the tables and have generally been very considerate. They are very noisy so we’re hoping that we’ve worn them out enough so that they will sleep on the journey home!

We are aiming to leave here at about 1.15 and aiming to be home between 4.30 and 5.00. We will meet you at the bus stop on St Mary’s Lane on the Cathedral estate side of the road. I will blog as we leave and blog on the way down so that you can keep track of our progress. My final blog  – “The Last Post” – is generally from Stansted Services which is approx 30 minutes away. Can I please ask you all to keep an eye on the blog so that you can see if we are going to be later or earlier than that.

Finally, thank you for your messages of thanks and support. We couldn’t do this without the staff members with me being prepared to come away and work together to ensure that your children have such an amazing experience.

We’re packed and ready to come home.

Packed – I am using the term loosely. Everything is packed but in whose bag I don’t know. After we sent the children in to double – even treble check their rooms we did a sweep ourselves. The girls rooms were excellent – nothing at all was left. The boys are not quite so observant – in fact, from the room shared by George G, George S, Jola, Jake, William, Callum, Bogdan, Joshua and Harry we have found so many clothes that we could fill a suitcase! We will bring the clothes in on Monday but feel free to rummage through when we get home tonight. That is not to say the other boys rooms were as good as the girls but I do think we have got more of that rooms clothes than they have!

Packing is so much fun with boys. You can imagine the conversations:

Child: I can’t fit it all in my suitcase.

Miss: Did it all come in your suitcase?

Child: Yes

Miss: Then it should all fit in to go home – try folding clothes and laying them flat

and so it continues…


Mentioned in dispatches.

Last night was our final dispatches and we asked the children to consider the week as a whole before making their nominations.

So many children talked about the support and kindness they had received from others; the sense of team and getting to know children who they had not previously known so well or played with.

Mentioned in dispatches were: Jola, Dylan, Reiss, harrison, Jude, Chloe CG, Gaby, Emma, Teddy, Olivia, Isobel, Joe, Elischua, Harry, George G, Joshua, Jasmyn, William, Enrike, Ruby, Francesca, Callum, Bogdan, Jada, Tega, Tyler, Jessica, george S, Isabelle, Niamh, Amber, Ben, Chloe T, Grace, Jake and Glen. Miss Ives and Miss Stanton got a nomination each too.

Mentioned in dispatches…

Last night we had a bumper crop of children mentioned in dispatches. Each group was mentioned as the children are very appreciative of the help and support they get from their groups. The teamwork and co-operation we have seen this week has been wonderful to behold. the children really do show their caring side. (They also show their pickle side too but that’s another story!)

Individual children mentioned in dispatches were: Jola, Henry, Dylan, Harrison, Reiss, Jude, Gaby, Emma, Teddy, Olivia, Jacob, isobel, Joe, Eliada, Elischua, harry, George G, Erin, Joshua, Enrike, Ruby, Kyle, Francesca, Lucy, Paddy, Tyler, Jessica, Niamh, Ben, Mia, Chloe T, Grace and Jake.

We will have our final dispatches tonight.

Disco Fever and the Great Pack-Up.

Well it’s that time of the week when we’re all dashing through the shower and the smell of hair gel is overpowering – and that’s just in the boys’ rooms. We do love a disco and we are dressed to the nines.

The great pack up has begun. I can’t guarantee that you will get all the clothes back that you sent but if you find clothes you weren’t expecting, please send them into school on Monday. At this point in the week, they don’t recognise their own clothes and they’re not good at reading the label to see if their name is on it!

By breakfast time tomorrow, we will be fully packed and our bags will be in the coach bay waiting to go home.

It’s hard to believe that we are almost at the end of the week already!

Rocky Shores

We have had a fantastic time at the beach today. The weather was kind and the tide was out so we have explored every nook and under every rock to see which creatures live where on the shore line. We have found some huge crabs and lots of periwinkles. There were even small fish in some of the rock pools.

The tide was on its way out so the pools were very fresh and I have to say that I felt like Bambi on ice clambering over the rocks! It was brilliant to see the children wading in the rock pools and really searching for the animals – not being afraid to lift rocks to see white lay underneath.

Our afternoon finished with an ice cream. It is quite an incongruous sight – we’re dressed for the Artic and then we’re all sitting eating ice cream. Going to the beach really is one of the best experiences of the trip.